GameSkunk and ScentScape

If you thought 3D games weren’t immersive enough, a couple of devices unveiled at the GDC last week should tickle your fancy. Scent Science and Sensory Acumen both showed off some devices that introduces smells into the world of gaming – the ScentScape and the GameSkunk. Despite being different products they both work similarly – boxes plugged into your console or PC that receive instructions to heat up oil cartridges that produce a scent corresponding to the action happening onscreen. I.e. if you were playing a racing game like Grand Turismo, you can expect to smell scents like gasoline and burning rubber. It could even be used in first person shooters to let you know that you might be in for an ambush around the corner if the scent of aliens hits your nostrils. The ScentScape is available now, while the GameSkunk will be available mid 2011. Both devices cost between $60 and $70, though it hasn’t been mentioned what games will be supporting this feature in the future. Would you enjoy having smells to go with your games?

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