Could this piece of news, or rather, rumor be actually true? We’re talking about the A5 processor from Apple that currently sees action in the iPad 2, to appear in the next generation iPhone. After all, word on the street has it that the iPhone 5 has already made its way to developers so that they are able to better make good use of what the new iPhone offers, resulting in nothing but the best game possible for the masses on new hardware.

So far, we do have a semblance on the A5 processor – which is a rather fast, dual-core chip that works great when it comes to games – so to see it on the iPhone 5 is definitely a boon no matter which way you look at it.

This select group of developers will be working on versions of their iPhone applications, where no doubt most of them will be games, although standard productivity apps are also more than welcome we would presume. This leak came about by a person who decided to call the now-secret handset the “iPhone 4S”, where it must be locked away in a safe at the company’s office after working hours. Hopefully there won’t be that much of a furore or ruckus should it get left behind at a bar somewhere…

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