BlueRadios has just announced the existence of their self-contained BlueBridge BR-LE4.0-D2A Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode low energy module that will see the Texas Instruments CC2564 base band chip see action within – not to mention having it accompanied by an integrated antenna, radio, MSP430 microcontroller, and fully-integrated Bluetopia software stack – all right into an 11.8mm x 17.6mm x1.9mm package.

Not only that, BlueRadios will be introducing a pin-for-pin compatible nBlue BR-LE4.0-S2A single mode nano ampere network module with the TI CC2540 processor. Both of these modules will play nice with FCC and CE EMC requirements so that no problems will arise during their usage. Well, it just goes without saying that newer releases need to be more power efficient and better than their predecessors, so we would say that BlueRadios is on the right track here.

Bluetooth 4.0, hmmm? We are barely out of the Bluetooth 3.0 woods just yet – heck, how many people do you know own Bluetooth 3.0 capable notebooks and computers or other devices for it to work with? We rest our case, but on the other hand, what is life without progress? Bring on Bluetooth 5.0 already! [Press Release]

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