Now here is an idea – how about cloning myself so that he can represent me and do all the work that I’m supposed to, while I spend the rewards of his labor on myself? That’s a pretty nifty way to get rich quick, without breaking a sweat, but too bad there is no way to grow an exact clone of yourself at the moment – and certainly not in the immediate future, of course. But the Clone Chaise does make me wonder, what if…?


To put it in a nutshell, the Clone Chaise is actually a luminous lounge chair that is capable of taking on the anatomical form of a human being. Thanks to British designer Sam Buxton, the Clone Chaise will interact with the potential user, lighting up its electroluminescent display while you interact with it, and perhaps in a blinding blast of light, it will then copy your DNA, send that information to some cloning facility elsewhere so that an exact replica of you can be cultivated and “grown”, as he/she gets ready for life in the harsh world outside.

Too bad it doesn’t make an exact clone of yourself, but will instead look rather nice in your living room. Bear in mind that only half a dozen Clone Chaise lounges were developed, constructed using acrylic, steel and sequencing electronics.

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