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Pretty much everybody has a Facebook account these days, and along with their Facebook account is probably a smartphone or a tablet from which to access it from. But is that enough? Well, product designer Steve Murray doesn’t seem to think so. He’s come up with a way to preserve every status update with his invention called The Facebook Box.

The Facebook Box is essentially a box, with a printer that’s hooked to your Facebook account. Every time you get a new post on your news feed, the Facebook Box prints it out on a small piece of paper. Within the box are several partitions which can be labeled accordingly for you to file the posts you want to keep. I.e. posts from Friends, posts from Family, posts from Groups etc. The Facebook Box is colored with Facebook’s blue and white colors, and a lid that resembles an envelope that users open to read their messages.

Now you might be thinking – why would anybody want to have so many pieces of paper at the end of each day? Especially if you have loads of friends who like to post rubbish on your wall all the time? Even though the idea of establishing that “social networking no longer needs to be restricted to the confines of a digital display” is quite interesting, I think users are going to end up with a lot more paper thrown away than paper they want to keep. What do you think of the Facebook Box? Do you think you’d enjoy having one around the house?

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Facebook BoxFacebook Box

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