Google Chrome logoGoogle has just announced the release of the stable version of their latest web browser, Chrome 11. One of the main features of Chrome 11 is the inclusion of speech input. So far the only service that utilizes it is Google Translate, but you can expect more websites to use it in the future. With the latest version of Google Chrome, head over to Google Translate, click the little microphone icon on the bottom of the text input box and start speaking. Say what you want to say and it will convert your speech to text. From there, you can translate it to another language (like normal) and you can even click listen to hear how it sounds. At the moment it only supports English speech input, but you can expect Google to add more languages in the future. Can you think of any other ways to make use of speech input in your web browser?
The other noticeable feature about Chrome 11 is the introduction of the new logo. It now features a flat version of the iconic circle with Google colors instead of the usual shiny logo we’ve come to recognize. Chrome 11 also features hardware accelerated 3D CSS, cloud print bug fixes, security updates and more. Head over to the Chrome site to download it now. What do you think of the new Chrome logo?

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