Kick to PickOne of the most challenging things that a father and mother have to do is name their child. What name do you choose? Do you name your child after someone famous? Or something you like? Are you afraid that your kid will grow up hating his or her name? Well now, the answer to all your problems has arrived in the form of an app. Called Kick to Pick, this simple app puts all the decision making into the hands (or rather in this case, feet) of your unborn child. All you do is launch the app, add your favorite names (or all of the provided ones if you like) to a list, strap the iPhone to the mother’s stomach and wait for the baby to kick. When the phone detects the movement, it will randomly select a name from the list. Simple and effective. So when your kid grows up enough to question your decision about his/her name, just show off the app and explain that it was his/her own decision. One thing bothers me though – is it considered healthy to leave your phone on your stomach waiting for the baby to kick? Kick to Pick is available from the App Store for $0.99.

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