As everyone knows, the world famous brick toy known as Lego comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, making it a real pain to sort out when you’re trying to organize your home. Of course, why go through all of that headache when you can always let a “robot” of sorts work it out for you? The Lego Quad Flexipicker will come with half a dozen NXT microcontroller bricks, 22 motors and servos, and 26 sensors and muxes, where a quartet of delta robots will grab bricks from a conveyor belt. The grippers will be pneumatic in nature, and are controlled through IR signals.


As mentioned, the four parallel robots used in this system will look use their light/color sensor to identify the type of brick, and do the necessary by grabbing said item and moving it to a designated location.

Capable of sorting out up to 48 bricks a minute, you shouldn’t have too much of a hassle getting everything sorted out in the shortest amount of time possible – of course, if you do it yourself, you might be faster but why do so when you can spend that time indulging in something else? Of course, this isn’t the first Lego machine which sorts out bricks for you, and we don’t think it will be the last, either.

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