It was only a matter of time before some enterprising person took the Android-powered Motorola XOOM tablet and turn it into a phone. While it might be one of the more powerful Android tablets at point of publishing, a decent Android smartphone is also capable of performing similar tasks, albeit on a much smaller display. Xda-developers forum member sangreal06 has decided to do something about the situation so that you need not tote two devices simultaneously, although his solution might be cause of embarassment since you would need to hold conversations on your XOOM itself, which is quite hefty might we remind you. Apparently, this requires one to throw in phone capabilities to the tablet via Google Voice in some way – after all, the microphone and speaker are not working at the moment, but you are able to send text messages while initiating phone calls with this hack. A rooted 3G XOOM is required to apply this tweak in case you’re interested. Just be careful since you won’t be able to claim your warranty if your XOOM ends up bricked.

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