The epitome of luxury cars has a winged seraph on the front of the bonnet with the famous overlapping “RR” logo, has finally decided to explore the wonderful world of electric vehicles with their $530,000 Rolls Royce Phantom getting an electric makeover. Spending over a million bucks to develop a working prototype that is known as the 102EX, it will sport the largest battery pack to date that has been fitted in just about any vehicle, sporting a bunch of coils underneath the car while a matching plate that is fitted to the ground makes sure it remains aesthetically pleasing. It can be juiced up via electromagnetic induction as well, and might just prove to be the spark for an eco-solution for all cars, be they on or off the road.

Thanks to an inductive charge, electricity generated will be sent straight into the battery. Of course, we’re also waiting for solar panels to become efficient enough to juice up a car for its travels, but that is still some years to come. Hopefully the 102EX has enough battery storage to move it more than a couple of miles before it runs out of juice considering the size and weight of it.

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