Who knows that the future holds? After all, didn’t the Mayans predict that the world would end next year, although we subscribe to the idea that they decided to stop counting the calendar at 2012 because they figured out that their civilization would not last that long, so why bother? Having said that, those with a crystal ball might actually see the RoundPhone and Flexphone being used sometime down the road.

First of all, the RoundPhone will be a tiny, puck-like hologram device which actually functions as long as it has Xbox Kinect-style technology inside, where it will be plugged to an online connection.

As for the Flexphone that you see above, the name of this smartphone pretty much gives the game away, as it will be based on a flexible OLED display that can actually expand to resemble that of a cell phone, not to mention double up as a gaming device or a tablet when the need and situation calls for it.

These designs are part of eYeka’s Next-Generation Phone co-creation contest just in case you were wondering who had so much free time to think and render such beautiful images.

Flexphone by Ikev on eYeka from eYeka on Vimeo.

The Roundphone Smartphone by j-bouille on eYeka from eYeka on Vimeo.

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