Toshiba Write Once SD card

Toshiba has just introduced one of the oddest SD cards ever. Called the Toshiba Write Once, this SD card functions just like a regular SD Card – except that you can only write on it once. This means that whatever you store on the card will be forever preserved like a non-rewritable CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc. Files written onto the card can’t be erased, or modified, you can’t even format the card either. Other than that, you can put it in a regular memory card reader, SD card slot etc – just to store files or read files off them. It even comes with a lock that prevents you from accidentally copying files onto the card.

Toshiba will be targeting governmental offices and the corporate world with their Write Once card. The 1GB Write Once card currently is available in Japan and is being sold for an open price. With the card’s capacity at so low, Toshiba is probably testing the market to see how well the cards will do before they create more variations of the Write Once SD card. Maybe these SD cards will be the future of how software or other digital media will be delivered through a physical medium.

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