Ubisoft must be out of its mind. The mega giant publisher’s CEO Yves Guillemot is blaming lack of new consoles for the drop in creative new IPs. Guillemot says that without new consoles, game publishers are too afraid to invest in new games and new franchises because buyers are already accustomed to what they’re being served. He believes that gamers are more apt to try new IPs when there is also new hardware to accompany them. Lack of new game consoles shouldn’t be blamed for lack of creative direction in games. Go ask Nintendo. Its underpowered Wii is home to some incredibly creative, but niche titles (Boom Blox anyone?). The lack of new creative games should be blamed on the high development costs. Publishers want to see a return – they care about the money. That’s why FPS games like Call of Duty succeed, not because they’re innovative or have great artistic value, but because the series is a guaranteed money mover. New consoles won’t change that. The question is whether gamers actually want creative new IP or want more Call of Duty. Competition really is a bitch.


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