Volvo Concept Universe Car front

Volvo Concept Universe Car


Today at the Shanghai Auto Show, Volvo unveiled its Concept Universe, a “state-of-the-art” luxurious sedan, focusing on a “human-centric” design, according to the Scandinavian company. The Concept Universe is primarily geared to the Chinese market, and, according to Jonathan Disley, Strategic Design Manager Advanced at Volvo Cars, “without the edges, all lines are infinite, marking distinctive inspiration from Scandinavian furniture design as well as Chinese writing. The Concept Universe is entirely built by hand and took a strenuous 8000 hours to finish.” Wow! That’s luxury for sure.

Volvo Concept Universe Car Grill

Volvo Concept Universe Car layered Grill design

Unlike Long Tran at Yanko Design,  I am not a big fan of the layered grill design, evocative of Jonathan Disley’s design briefing that promised a car “with the depth of the universe and just as welcoming as the sun rising over a calm ocean.” However, from the pictures, I really like the interior design that mixes white and brown textures featuring subtle blue flower patterns (picture below).

Volvo Concept Universe Interior Design

Volvo Concept Universe Interior Design

The geeks would love to know that in the Volvo Concept Universe, speed and navigation information is directly displayed on the windshield, on a full-colour 3D head-up display, preventing the driver to look away from his or her viewpoint; this is a concept perfectly aligned with Volvo’s famous commitment to vehicle safety. Read more info in the press release.

Volvo Concept Universe Car Rear

Volvo Concept Universe Car

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