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Sony NGP might be gimped before release
Now this is an interesting bit of news – French tech site 01net claims that Sony is in a quandary right now, and they might resort to lowering costs and cutting corners for the future NGP (Next Generation Portable) in order to compete with the Nintendo 3DS’ price point of $249, making it gimped on paper before it is even released. As a gamer who is looking forward to this […]

Uncharted NGP bridges story between first two PS3 games (Updated)
There hasn’t been a lot of news related to Sony’s NGP or its games, but here’s at least something to hold down Uncharted fans. According to an interview conducted by with Naughty Dog, Uncharted NGP‘s storyline will take place between that of the first and second Uncharted games on PSP. Uncharted fans will recall that there are unexplained story gaps between the first two, and hopefully this the NGP version […]

Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 might see release on 3DS or NGP
This is interesting news. EA Games currently lists Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 under a “handheld/mobile” category. Does that mean those respective games are coming to the 3DS and NGP? Not quite. As Kotaku notes, the games could be spin-offs for the series and it’s still unclear which systems or devices “handheld/mobile” refers to. For all we know, it could be a game for an Android smartphone or iPhone. […]

Is WipeOut Trinity an NGP game?
Look at what someone found. According to SystemLink, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe is now listed as the owner of the domain “” We knew that a WipeOut game was in development for the NGP, but we didn’t know its name. Early rumors point to the next game in the futuristic hover jet racing series as being titled WipeOut 2048 or WipeOut Trinity. What system the game will appear on […]


Will Resistance use the NGP's camera to pick up weapons?
The NGP has two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. We already know that Sony is going to be pushing a few augmented reality games with the two cameras, but how else can they be used? According to Jolt‘s super ninja Sony sources, in Resistance, players will be able to pick up new weapons they pass by, simply by “passing” their hand or finger on one […]

Sony NGP prowess shown off in tech demo
We know that the Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) is extremely suitable for Massive Multiplayer Online titles, and when you check out its video prowess as well as what it is capable of visually, then chances are you will need to pick up your jaw from the floor afterwards. Whispers abound that the NGP will be nearly on par with the PS3 in terms of power, but we do have […]

NGP's official name, pricing and launch games to be announced at E3
Critical information such as the NGP‘s official name (NGP is tentative and short for Next Generation Portable), pricing, release time and official launch games have yet to be unveiled. Don’t fret, a reliable source from VG247 says that all will be made clear at this year’s E3 video game expo in Los Angeles in June. We’ve  heard rumblings that the NGP is going to be very expensive and rumors that […]

Sony rubbishes NGP delay because of Japan earthquake
Sony Japan pulled Wall Street Journal aside from their busy schedule in order to debunk earlier reports that did suggest Japan’s recent earthquake as being the cause of delay for the NGP (Next Generation Portable)’s release in selected territories, while comments spewed forth by SCEA president Jack Tretton were outright “wrong.” According to Sony’s representative, Satoshi Fukuoka, the company expects “no impact from the quake on our launch plan,” and […]

NGP component shortage could delay global launch
We’ve got some bad news for Sony NGP fans. According to a Bloomberg report, Sony may delay the launch of the NGP due to a component shortage caused by the Japanese earthquake last month. Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton says instead of seeing a worldwide launch later this year in Asia, Europe and the US, it may see release in only one region (we’re guessing Japan). At first glance, the delay might […]

Unreal Engine 3 Coming to Sony Xperia Play and NGP?
Epic’s Mark Rein loves the PlayStation 3. He loves the Xbox 360. He loves the PC. You know what else he loves? His company’s Unreal Engine 3 on the iPhone and iPad. He doesn’t care much about Ubisoft porting the older Unreal Engine 2 to the 3DS. That much we know. However, concerning Sony’s upcoming Android-powered Xperia Play smartphone and PlayStation Portable successor – the NGP – he says Epic’s […]

PS3 Game Franchises Tossed to New Devs for NGP Editions
The NGP is one hell of a powerful beast and at the Sony NGP unveil in Tokyo back in January, Sony showed off some impressive first-party titles, namely big hitters like Uncharted and Resistance. That’s about as far it goes. Insomniac Games, developers of the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance games on the PlayStation 3 will not be working be working on any NGP games, but instead will remain “totally […]

Sony NGP to arrive in Europe by 2011
UK trade site MCV did mention that several sources have informed them concerning Sony’s NGP development deadlines which in turn have been set to ensure key Western releases will be completed before summer of 2011 is over, making deployment in autumn a very real possibility. Apart from that, there are whispers of the NGP hitting the markets this November 11th – which is a Friday, meaning you have a whole […]

PSP Go sees a permanent price drop
The Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) isn’t out just yet, but that doesn’t mean Sony is going to let you anticipate the device even more by offering a lower price for their poor selling PSP Go – which definitely has moved far fewer units than the suits at Sony expected, although they won’t admit it. The PSP Go will now retail for $149.99 a pop, which is a cool 25% […]

Panasonic will no longer enter portable gaming market with Jungle device
Panasonic did flirt with the world of video gaming for some time in the past – anyone remember the 3DO system? Well, the company had intended to make a comeback albeit in the portable gaming market with the handheld online gaming device codenamed “Jungle” as announced in October last year. It seems that the Jungle will no longer enter production after all, and they do have a very valid reason […]

John Carmack's 2 cents on the Sony NGP
So Sony has unveiled the NGP to a mixed jury at the moment – no one can really say anything about it until it arrives in the market at the end of this year, but id Software co-founder John Carmack has already weighed in with his views, stating that, performance-wise, the Sony NGP is in an entirely different class compared to current (and we suspect, the immediate future) smartphones where […]

Sony Next Generation Portable and PlayStation Suite
Sony’s certainly creating waves over in Japan at time of publishing, as they have announced the “Next Generation Portable” which will comprise of five new concepts – a revolutionary user interface, social connectivity, location-awareness, augmented reality, and PlayStation Suite compatibility. This cross-platform PlayStation experience (PlayStation Suite) does sound appealing, but on to the main meat – the Next Generation Portable, which is a far cry from the PSP2 (in terms […]