The folks over at the Acturus company recently built a new tiny spy plane drone, called Acturus, that’s the unmanned equivalent of a compact car. It features a wingspan of a bit over 17 feet and weighs only 100-pounds.

While Acturus’ primary purpose is to act as a spy plane, the Acturus company have managed to outfit it with a Saber – a 10lbs laser-guided missile. This makes the drone plane capable of more than just a little destruction. According to one of the engineers behind the creation of the plane, “No one else can do that in our size category.”

Designed for primarily for commandos, the Acturus can be easily dismantled for portability and has camo painting to stay hidden while it’s not in the sky. The Acturus planes are currently being evaluated by the Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force now, but if they do get the green light, it’s going to change the whole face of modern warfare. Think AR.drone battles – but with real explosions instead.

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