DLR Hand Arm System

Some researchers over at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have managed to come up with a super advanced arm that is tougher than it looks. At first glance, all the exposed joints and electronics make the look arm fragile, especially when you find out it can perform pretty human-like movements. But that’s where we’re wrong – it only looks fragile.

As shown in the demonstration video after the break, the scientists over there are constantly pushing the their testing to the limits, and in one video we see the researcher using a bat to hit the robot arm. After the attack, it still functions just as well as it did before, a testament to the German engineering that went through the creation of it.

If we’re any step closer to creating Iron Man or Terminators, I’d say we’re heading in the right direction. Video of the robot arm in action, and being hit by a baseball bat after the break:

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