Skype logoEarlier today, we reported about an outage that a number of Skype users were facing. Apparently the downtime was due to a corruption that occurred in those users’ systems, though it wasn’t explained how such a thing happened. Anyway, Skype gave instructions on how to solve the problem but they were fairly technical and not for everybody. Thankfully they’ve come up with an update that fixes the problem automatically.

If you’re having problems logging into Skype in Windows, just head over to the official website to download the latest version of Skype for your computer. Unfortunately Linux users will still have to refer to the manual instructions (but if you’re using Linux in the first place, it shouldn’t be too complicated for you right?) and Mac users will have to wait until tomorrow. Folks on mobile, TV or other devices should be able to login with no problem now.

Let us know if the update works for you – Skype on my computer wasn’t affected so I can’t test it out.

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