Wireless mice need to run on batteries, and until today, we have yet to see a kinetically powered wireless mouse. Perhaps manufacturers out there should take notice – after all, when you are enraged by all the bad news that you read online as well as piling paperwork that never ends on your desk, what better way than to vent all those frustrations by shaking your mouse vigorously with both hands, imagining it to be the neck of the most despised politician you can think of? Not to mention all the movement of the mouse when you work might just help generate some power, but we guess such technology isn’t that efficient just yet for it to run on kinetic power alone. The next best thing? Get a long lasting battery inside – and that is exactly what Gigabyte has done with their ECO600 wireless laser mouse.

Having been introduced last month, it has just gone through the rigors and tests set by the FCC, so you ought to be able to wrap your hands around the Gigabyte ECO600 in the near future. A couple of buttons on top will let you cycle between resolutions of 800, 1200, and 1600 DPI quickly, and a pair of AA batteries is touted to offer up to a year’s worth of battery life. We’re assuming if you use your mouse for 8 hours a day, that 12-month figure will drop by a fair margin, although we don’t know how much.

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