itablet thumb keyboard

No matter how used you are to typing on a touchscreen device you can be sure that you’ll almost type faster and more efficiently behind the wheels of a physical keyboard. But the market has been oversaturated with the huge number of different keyboards available. Most of these keyboards do the same thing without standing out from the crowd. But not the itablet.

What makes the itablet keyboard special you ask? Well first of all, it’s a thumb keyboard – which means it is smaller than a regular keyboard, and it doesn’t require a flat surface to use – just hold it in your hands like how you would hold a gamepad, and press the buttons with your thumbs. Secondly, the keyboard comes with a trackpad on its back. While it won’t be much use for iOS or Android tablets, those running Windows 7 or even HTPCs on Windows XP will be able to make use of the trackpad to move the pointer to make selections.

It should also come in handy for practicing how to use the NGP when it is released later this year. The iTablet Bluetooth thumb keyboard is on sale for about $132.

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