Google Chrome arriving on the PlayStation 3?

Last month there were rumors of Google Chrome arriving on the PlayStation 3 due to some hints found in the leaked code of the PS3 WebKit source code. While there haven’t been any news or official announcements since then, a new rumor has surfaced again. It has been reported that Sony Network Entertainment recently posted a job listing looking for a senior software engineer with an advanced knowledge of computer science subjects including WebKit. Applicants need skills in software development using Playstation3 dev-tool and PS3 SDK and knowledge of Cell Broadband Engine and SPUs is a plus.

In case you didn’t know, WebKit is the web browsing engine that Google Chrome runs on, and since they’re looking for a developer who’s experienced in coding for the PS3 – it’s not hard to put two and two together. Granted they could be working on upgrading the default web browser instead of bringing Chrome to the console. But either way the web surfing experience has been marred by the weak default browser and an upgrade is definitely in order. How many of you use the PS3 to surf the web?

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