Lately, all eyes and ears have been on Nintendo and it’s upcoming Wii 2 console, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft is sitting idle while Nintendo scoops steals the show at E3. According to Develop, the next Xbox might already be in the hands of a developer at Electronic Arts. The machine is described as hardware housed within a PC case. Develop says that new hardware is often disguised as a PC case in order to avoid suspicion.

There’s no mention of which developer at EA has the so called next Xbox in its hands, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that DICE, the developers of Battlefield 3, who have openly expressed their desire for new powerful consoles could be the lucky studios.

E3’s right around the corner, so is Microsoft going to make a surprise announcement? Eurogamer says that it’s not likely to happen. Develop believes the Xbox 360’s successor could launch in 2012 to go head to head with Nintendo’s Wii 2. Oooh, baby!

UPDATE: EA told that the news is “total fabrication.” Debunked for now.

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