Panasonic Solar wireless charging table

How nice would it be to just dump all your stuff from your pockets onto your table at home after a long day at work, and the ability to wake up the next day without worrying whether your devices have been charged or not because you forgot to plug them in last night? Well, in the future, we might just be able to do so.

The folks over at Panasonic recently showed off a prototype table that lets you charge your phone or any device with a Qi battery by just placing it on the table. While we already have many induction-based chargers available on the market, what makes this table different from those chargers is that it gets the energy to juice up your devices by using solar panels.

Another thing special about this table is that the charging panel connects straight to the battery – so in the event you have a spare battery lying around, you don’t need to plug the depleted battery into your phone to charge it – just leave it on the table.

No word on how long it’ll take to charge your devices, or how long it’ll take to store energy – but for a device that saves you some electricity bills while serving its purpose as being a regular table as well, we can’t complain too much. Expect to find these tables in restaurants, where people can have a cup of coffee while waiting for their phones to charge in the event of a midday emergency.

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