PowerNap MachineThe value of a nap is underrated. In case you didn’t know, research has proven that short periods of sleeps, also known as power naps, can reduce stress, increase alertness and improve overall health. An average nap of twenty-six minutes has been shown to boost airline pilots’ performances by one-third, and experiments conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) have shown that a midday snooze reverses information overload.


Jonathan Husni, the inventor of PowerNap, knows all this and that’s why he launched the PowerNap CDs and created the PowerNap machine just for the purpose of napping. Most folks can’t force themselves to sleep at will in the middle of the day, and that’s where PowerNap comes in.

PowerNap CDs, when listened with headphones on, help users to fall asleep quickly and let them wake up with a refreshed state of heightened wakefulness. The audio transmits inaudible soundwaves to a user’s brain, and helps to induce REM sleep. All this while, the user only hears the pleasing sound of a waterfall. The PowerNap Machine is basically a pocket-sized media player that contains the PowerNap tracks so that users don’t need to hunt for a portable CD player whenever they need a power nap.

After noticing a lot of exhausted air traffic controllers falling asleep in their duties, Husni decided to give out his PowerNap CDs to the National Transportation Safety Board and National Air Traffic Controllers Association. He is also offering his PowerNap Machine on sale for 50% to air controller staff. How many of you take power naps frequently, and does it help you in your work? Find out more about PowerNap.

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