Apple acquired Beddit, the company behind an advanced sleep tracker, last year. There wasn’t much news about Beddit after its acquisition but there is now. Beddit has released its first new sleep monitoring device after it was bought by Apple. The new device is now available for purchase through Apple’s online store.

The new Beddit sleep monitoring device is similar to the ones we have seen from the company before its acquisition. It’s a thin strip of sensors that is placed under the sheets. The companion app shows all of the data that the strip of sensors collects. The app is available for iOS 12 so users will be required to update to Apple’s latest mobile OS before they can use it.

It can automatically track sleep, breathing, heart rate, and snoring for up to two people. The sensors can also take into account the humidity and the bedroom’s temperature so that users can be informed of the ideal conditions for them to have quality sleep. Apple Watch users can get bedtime reminders and sleep report notifications on the device itself.

Apple is now selling the new Beddit sleep monitoring device on its online store for $150. The Beddit 3.5 is compatible with the iPhone 5s and all later models.

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