Samsung Galaxy S II

For a phone as thin as the Samsung Galaxy S II, a lot of people worry about how durable the device is. Surely if something is that thin it would be easy to break into two, right? Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S II makes use of Corning Gorilla Glass – a lightweight, damage-resistant and durable material that is designed to keep the Android phone protected.

Corning has released some videos demonstrating the strength of the glass. In one test, they use a 1mm thick sheet of Corning Gorilla Glass and dropped a 1.8kg bowling ball onto it. Unsurprisingly, the bowling ball bounces off it casually. Next up, they launched a baseball at ~50mph onto a 0.8mm thick sheet of Corning Gorilla Glass – again, it was left unscathed.

While the tests do show the strength and durability of the phone’s display, it doesn’t say much for the rest of the phone though. I guess the next time you see a heavy object flying towards you, make sure the front of the phone is facing outwards if you’re going to use it as a shield. It makes you wonder – can Corning Gorilla Glass stop a bullet? Watch the demonstration videos:

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