LG G2x

Earlier this week there have been reports about the T-Mobile G2X being out of stock in a lot of locations, and people have attributed the shortage to T-Mobile pulling the phone off shelves due to defects and problems.  Unsatisfied with the rumors, the folks at BGR decided to reach out to T-Mobile for a comment on the whole issue, and now the air has been cleared.

According to the carrier, they haven’t been removing the phone from the shelves of retail outlets. In fact it is quite the contrary; here is what they had to say:

The T-Mobile G2x with Google has been a highly popular device with both customers and employees since its launch last month, and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working with LG to address.

It looks like the phone has been more popular than people thought it would be. So the onus is now on LG to restock outlets with the G2X. I guess if you’ve been pining to get one for yourself, you might have to wait for a while if you can’t find any G2X phones for sale in your vicinity.

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