While the iPad is a very useful device, one of its most limiting functions is the fact that you can only run one app at a time – let me rephrase; have on app onscreen at a time. If you wanted to look up a map from an address in an email, you’d have to copy the address, switch to the map app and then paste it in the search box. What if you had the ability to just drag an address into the map app and have it automatically locate what you were looking for? You would need to have both apps open on screen at once – and that’s what Taposé brings to the iPad.


Taposé is an app for the iPad, designed to let iOS users have multi-app functionality on their tablets, no longer will you have to switch to the calculator app just to do some quick calculations – just start it up in your free panel and do it there without having to leave! Not to mention all the trouble you’d save from not having to remember what those numbers you wanted to calculate were. In addition to running dual-app functionality on your tablet, Taposé can be used as a note taking or doodling app, with the ability to easily share all the notes you create on the app itself.

The creators of Taposé, two Boeing engineers arecurrently raising funds through their Kickstarter page to make the project a reality. Since they’ve reached their target of $10,000, they’ve also mentioned that the extra money made from Kickstarter will be used to bring the app to other platforms such as Android. Check out some videos of Taposé and find out more at their Kickstarter page.

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