Summer’s coming for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, which means it is time to start planning those beach holidays with the rest of your family. Not only that, it would be prudent for you to purchase plenty of sunscreen to go along with those sunny moments, and how about a variety of hats and an umbrella to go along with the setup? We’re not talking about just any umbrella, of course, but rather one that is on offer by Thanko – the Fanbrella. The name itself ought to give the game away – it comes with a special fan inside the umbrella itself, working to keep you extra cool when the heat becomes unbearable, never mind that you are already shaded.

On the bright side, you can also use the Fanbrella during those rainy and wet seasons, save that you need not replace batteries for the fan since you won’t be needing said fan in the first place! You know what would really complete this crazy looking device? Solar panels located all over the top – now that ought to do the trick, being a truly green device, and you can save more money as there aren’t any more replacement batteries to purchase.

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