Tobii X60/X120Tobii has just unveiled the Tobii X60/X120 Mobile Device Testing Solution. The first eye-tracking system in the world designed specifically to enhance the precision of usability studies for mobile devices and mobile apps to allow manufacturers and developers to understand what the consumers see when they use their devices. Similar to the webcam eye-tracking project we’ve written about before, the Tobii X60/X120 will be used to monitor where users look at when using an app or a mobile device.


This sort of testing allows developers and manufacturers to see whether they’ve got their handsets intuitively designed and allows them to improve on how it works. After all, an app or a phone is only as good as a user makes it to be. Even if there are powerful functions on the devices, but are buried deep within multiple levels of menus that are hard to navigate, it won’t be of much use to the user. Tobii’s Mobile Device Testing Solution aims to help manufacturers out with that problem.

Bell Canada will be the first company to deploy these new devices in its customer development centers. Watch a video demonstration of the Tobii Mobile Device Testing Solution in action after the break:

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