Toyota might have been the prime example of how to run a corporation more than a decade ago, with its explosive growth across North America and the rest of the world, due to their manufacturing process and quality standards. Some recalls have slowed down their growth somewhat, not to mention the slump in the auto industry, but that does not mean they have given up being trailblazers. Toyota has just announced that they will be including wrong-way driving alert in navigation systems which was joint developed with Aisin AW Co., Ltd. and Denso Corporation. The function will help monitor vehicle direction on highways and selected toll roads, ranging from tollgates to service area ramps, turn-offs and junctions. Incorporated into navigation systems as part of a dealer-installed option for folks living in Japan from June 1st onwards, that is no excuse that you no longer use your common sense to get around. 


The new function reminds me of the old arcade game, “Daytona USA”, where some of us have actually tried to complete a course in reverse – only to have a flashing warning that we’re in the wrong direction. Guess you won’t get such a blatant warning in front of your eyes, but at least it will still alert you thanks to advances made in communications-based map-updating technology and in pinpoint position-recognition technology.

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