Unsubscribe.comUnsubscribe.com has just announced the arrival of their bacon (or bacn) removal app for BlackBerry devices. Users usually receive two types of unwanted emails in their inboxes on a daily basis: spam, which is usually handled by regular spam/junk mail filters, and bacon – email which isn’t spam, but unwanted nevertheless. Bacon includes Facebook notification emails, newsletters you’ve subscribed to, etc.

Removing bacon is normally a simple process – head over to the website for the email, then unsubscribe from the service or selecting “don’t send me anymore emails”. But some websites make it overly complicated just to do such a simple thing, causing people to not even bother with unsubscribing, instead letting the bacon pile up in their inboxes.

Unsubscribe.com is a service that’s been around for awhile now, helping users unsubscribe their bacon with the click of a button. The company has now officially launched the Unsubscribe.com app for BlackBerry, bringing the bacon removal service to the enterprise-focused operating system.

Once installed, Unsubscribe.com adds “unsubscribe.com” in the BlackBerry email app below the delete option. Unsubscribe.com then deletes the email and goes over to the sender’s website to unsubscribe the user from the service, ensuring they won’t receive such messages anymore. Head over to Unsubscribe.com for more information on how it works or download a trial version of the app for your BlackBerry Phone.

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