Love trivia? Well, for those information sleuths who are extremely “concerned” with developments in the smartphone world thanks to its range of hardware as well as platforms, here is a nugget for you to digest – it seems that Windows Phone 7 Mango might actually be Windows Phone 7.1 instead of Windows Phone 7.5 that we’ve been led to believe all this while – thanks to someone who spotted a caveat in the MSDN online documentation. While this might prove to be surprising to some, it does make sense if logic is your middle name, since the  but it is following a certain logic if you the current OS’ build number – 7.0.7392, hence making Mango end up with build number 7.1.XXXX. Of course, it might or might not be a place holder name, so until an official word from Microsoft is released, just remain patient. 

Now, it might not seem like much to some, but this bit of information will be lapped up by those who are so knee-deep into semantics that every single variation or change counts. What do you think?

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