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This Could Be The Most Advanced Pinball Machine Yet
Almost everyone loved playing pinball games at some point in time. Surprisingly, it is still a thing and companies like Stern Pinball help keep them relevant as a real-world game.Recently, they have come up with a “Stranger Things” themed pinball table packed in with a lot of interesting elements.You might notice a ‘trap’ that halts the ball and it also includes video projections to some extent. You can see it […]

Liberty Games Reveal Internet Meme Pinball Machines
Internet memes have exploded in recent years, and most of the time, it borders on the sarcastic as well as crude, but it works. There is just something sweet and short about a meme that gets the message across, and in a hilarious manner. Having said that, why not find a way to bring Internet memes into everyday life? The humble pinball machine does not get too much love from […]

Star Wars Episode VI: The Return Of The Jedi Pinball Table
Is there no end to milking the Star Wars franchise? I guess the correct answer would be “No”, and fans of the space opera would not take any other reply anyways. Here we are with something for pinball fans – not the physical table, but the digital one that offers a whole lot more possibilities without the risk of a mechanical breakdown – in the form of the Star Wars […]

Duck Hunt Pinball Machine Is As Awesome As It Sounds
One of the most iconic games from Nintendo’s history has got to be Duck Hunt as not only was it often bundled with the console, but it also showed off the ability of the console’s light gun peripheral, although it was one of the only games to use the accessory. That’s why when we saw somebody payed homage to the classic NES game in the form of a pinball machine, […]


Star Wars Episode V :The Empire Strikes Back Pinball Table
It sure as heck looks to us as though there is plenty of cash left to be milked from the Star Wars franchise, so why not roll out a pinball table with Star Wars Episode V :The Empire Strikes Back as the main theme? This pinball table has been inspired by the events of the beloved film, where all the exciting action will take place on the main deck of […]

Bioshock themed custom pinball machine
In life, there are themes all around us – a themed party, for instance, or how about a certain theme for a notable event in your life? Well, having video game themes around us are nothing new, but here is something that Bioshock fans might just fall in love with. We are talking about the efforts of DIY enthusiast “rasmadrak” who hails from Sweden, coming up with this rather interesting […]

Giant pinball game projected onto building
Have you ever wished you could play pinball that has been projected onto a large building? We’re not sure how many of you guys actually have that desire but we’re sure if given the opportunity, you guys would probably love to have a go at it. It so happens that such a feat is possible as it was witnessed in Lyon during the Festival of Lights 2011.

The Transformers pinball machine
Love all things Transformers? Might I interest you in a triple blockbuster that while lacking in terms of a solid storyline and great acting, the amount of on-screen mayhem, death, destruction, huge robots and smokin’ hot lead actresses still rack up the profit at the box office? Yeah, I’m referring to the summer extravaganzas known as Transformers, but if you want to have a piece of the movie trilogy in […]

TRON pinball machine for your living room
Forget about getting that fine piece of bone china vase for your living room as a decorative statement – not only is it expensive, but how are you going to keep yourself amused with a vase whenever things slow down around you? However, with TRON: Legacy Pinball, you will certainly not only invoke the green eyed monster in your friends who drop by, but you can also relive those childhood […]

Zen Pinball THD Android Pinball Game, For Tegra Only
Zen Studios porting its fantasy Pinball game called Sorcerer’s Lair on PS3 to Android, but only for Tegra-powered devices.  Called Zen Pinball THD on Android, it will soon appear on Tegra Zone, NVIDIA’s own directory of graphics-intensive games that work best with their hardware.  You may have seen this game on the PlayStation Network (yes, before it went down…, and if you have not, I have included a video of […]

Turn your iPhone into a pinball machine with the Pinball Magic
Are you a fan of pinball games but can’t really afford to spend money on your very own pinball machine, or don’t have the space in your home to do so? Chances are, you’ve resorted to playing virtual pinball games on your phone or on your computer, but those devices don’t really give you the same fun of playing with a real machine. While Pinball Magic won’t give you the […]

Build your own pinball machine with two LCD displays
Pinball machines are a real treat to have around the house, but they take up way too much space, especially if you want to have more than one around. To solve this problem, a pinball machine lover, tbarklay, decided to take things into his own hands – by building a digital pinball machine. By making use of two LCD monitors, a computer and an old PC table, the managed to […]

Pinball machines can tell the time too
Fancy having an atomic clock inside a pinball machine? A tinker named Mark Gibson has just released the details of his latest project online: a WWVB atomic clock using a pinball machine marquee. Instead of displaying the score for the pinball machine, it now displays the time in its place (with atomic clock accuracy in fact). And if you don’t mind the noise (it really does makes a lot of […]

Turn Your iPad/iPhone Into A Pinball Machine
There’s something strangely enticing about pinball and when you combine it with the iPad, it’s hard to imagine us getting any work done. The Pinball Magic accessory turns your iPad or iPhone into a mini-pinball machine. All you’ll need to do is slide your device in after you’ve downloaded the free pinball application. The flipper buttons actually work, and you can even tilt it, giving you an additional sense of […]

Hot Touch Arcade Pinball Emulator Accepts Real Coins
Just because you’ve got a pinball emulator running doesn’t mean that it has to be confined to your boring old beige PC box. If you’re good with your hands, you can always do what this person did, and come up with a 1/3-scale pinball machine, dubbed the Hot Touch Arcade. This design saw the emulator packed into the pinball machine, and is powered by an Intel Atom processor, NVIDIA graphics […]

LCD pinball looks great even in 2010
Pinball used to dominate arcades for those who are older today, but the machine has been relegated to a niche market by now simply because there are more engaging games out there, although we’re sure that pinball die-hards will continue to swear by such machines for a long time to come. Well, to make sure that pinball machines retain a degree of relevance in this day and age, here is […]

Mind Control Pinball Showcased At CeBIT
Mind control and pinball, what more could a guy ask for? If the combination of those 2 wonders has got you drooling non-stop, then you really should be at CeBIT, as the Berlin Brain-Computer Interface Group has been showcasing their mind controlled pinball machine. Sure, you have to sacrifice a little and look quite weird wearing the interface device on your head (as well as your nose), but you’ll be […]

DIY pinball machine
Jeri Ellsworth decided to make her very own pinball machine from scratch, which is an amazing achievement for just about anyone. This was made possible thanks to her efforts in cannibalizing subassemblies from other pinball machines, and while it is still a work in progress at the moment, her dedication and technical know how truly blows the mind away. We can’t wait to congratulate her on her finished product.