When it comes to serious gaming, the Mac platform is clearly inferior to the Windows-based PC – but that doesn’t mean quality titles haven’t passed through the Mac OS door before. Unfortunately, one of the upcoming games for the Mac has received plenty of panning from reviewers after waiting for so long – we’re talking about Duke Nukem Forever. According to Aspyr Media, they announced that Duke Nukem Forever will be arriving on the Mac platform sometime this August. Their written statement from Aspyr Media president Michael Rogers reads as follows, “We think Mac gamers will love taking a bite of Duke’s special pain cake.” For some background information, Aspyr is publishing the game in partnership with developer 2K Games.

The road to roll out Duke Nukem Forever has been a long and hard one. It was first announced to undergo development as far back as 1996, where different press releases and marketing materials promised its release in 1997 and 1998. By the time 2001 arrived, it is still vaporware, with then-developer 3D Realms announcing that the game will roll out when they’re done with it. Fast forward 8 years and we saw 3D Realms release its development team, with the game being transferred over to Gearbox Software. At long last, September last year saw the announcement of Duke Nukem Forever being scheduled for a May 2011 release which was subsequently delayed to June when it finally arrived after all these years. Having waited for more than 10 years now, what’s a few more months for a Mac version?

Will you be getting a copy for yourself? It is priced at $45 for a pre-order, and will require an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz Mac or better running Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later coupled with 2GB RAM to get it going.

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