As we understand, diabetics have to constantly check their sugar levels to make sure that it is maintained at a certain level and how this is done is that they would have to prick their fingers several times a day in order to draw the necessary blood to do the sugar level testing. To some the pain is nothing more than a prick of the finger, to others doing this several times a day can be a dreaded process, which is why Christopher Stamp came up with the Glucowatch, a device that would allow diabetics to check their sugar level through a painless process.

All the user would have to do is wrap the watch around their wrist and through the use of a removable sweat permeable strip (which can be replaced effortlessly) the watch will be able to read the sugar levels of the user through their sweat, as opposed to their blood. The watch also features two rubber buttons – one is the acknowledgement button that illuminates the screen when pressed and to also put an end to the alerts, while the second button is a sound button that gives the user the choice of putting the device in sound or vibration mode.

The watch also comes with speakers and a USB port and a CD-ROM which would help to program the watch accordingly and tweak the interface to display the relevant information. Frankly speaking if they did not mention that this was a watch designed with diabetics in mind to check their sugar levels, it is otherwise a pretty decent look watch and rather eye-catching and could have totally passed off as a fashion statement.

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