Shaun the sheep

The latest version of Google’s web browser, Google Chrome has finally graduated from the beta channel into the stable channel and has been pushed out to Chrome users all over the world. Google has announced its release on the official blog, and Chrome 12 looks to be better than ever. The browser has improved security, privacy, and improved graphics support.

Improvements in security are due to enhancements to Safe Browsing that protects users from malware and phishing websites, and also warns you before you download some types of malicious files. Google Chrome can perform all this without having to know the URLs you visit or files you download, so privacy isn’t an issue here.

Chrome also provides users with more control over data stored on the computer, allowing users to manage Flash Player’s Local Shared Objects from Chrome itself (previously only accessible from an online settings application on Adobe’s website).

Chrome 12 now supports hardware-accelerated 3D CSS, which means you’ll be able to enjoy fancier, better-looking web pages and web apps from the browser. If you’d like to test it out, check out the Chrome Experiments website to see what the Chrome browser is capable of pulling off. As usual, stay tuned for the next version in six weeks.

Head to About Google Chrome on your Chrome browser to get updated to the latest version of Google Chrome, or download Chrome here.

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