Microsoft Games Studios head Phil Spencer has confirmed that Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary will offer limited support for the Kinect Motion Sensor, but apart from that statement, no additional details were furnished concerning the scope of Kinect Support as well as the utilization of the motion sensor. How do you think it will be integrated, or what do you think is the best method to go about it? Go wild with your speculations in the comments section.

To get a better idea, perhaps it might be prudent to check out titles such as Children of Eden and Forza Motorsport 4 that too, deliver limited Kinect Support under the “Better with Kinect” Marketing initiative. The former will let you control the game with just your bare hands, while Forza will deliver head-tracking for those who want to experience a more realistic virtual driving experience (sounds ironic when you think about it). 

One thing we know for sure, if they threw in a slapping option for you to beat the heck out of your opponents up close and personal, that might end up as one of the more endearing moves in video game history.

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