IOGEAR has introduced their very own $99.95 Bluetooth Mini Keyboard to the masses, pursuing the magic of convergence through connectivity. For those who love more complicated ways of addressing a device, the IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is also known as the GKB601B, where this mobile solution will offer swift toggling and data input for up to half a dozen devices. The wireless keyboard will play nice with PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and even other HID profile supported devices that are powered by Android or iOS 4.0 and above.


The IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard will function a traditional input device which will help ordinary people overcome the challenges associated of touch screen typing. Being small in size at 9.125″ x 4.5″, tipping the scales at a relatively lightweight 0.35lb, making it easy to store whenever you are not using it. Being super slim with a gentle arc that delivers comfortable typing angles, it will merge minimalism with high-function.

When you throw a patented scissor key structure into the mix, you will be able to experience exact, even pressure for keystrokes, which is an advantage over the many other wireless mini keyboards that are in the market. Not only that, with Quiet Key Touch design, your ears will hardly register those fingers dancing all over the keys, making it the perfect device to use when you love working late into the night. [Press Release]

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