There are those who advocate a paperless society, and most of them would also be in favor of a wireless universe. After all, don’t you think that all those cables and cords tend to get in the way, and they also seem to have a life of their own, getting all tangled up by themselves even though you leave them alone at home? IOGEAR supports the wireless notion, with their latest release being the Wireless 4-port USB Sharing Station.

The name of this peripheral says it all – it will allow connected device via USB to be Wi-Fi enabled. Basically, this means you can now move away from your desktop to a more comfortable working area, such as resting on a bean bag, without having to suffer from a dropped connection.

This compact hub will come with a single USB 2.0 port on the front, and good thing there are three more at the back – not to mention an Ethernet port and a wireless antenna. It will play nice with a variety of USB devices such as printers, hard drives, memory card readers, scanners, and webcams. Here’s a cheap way to introduce wireless connectivity to previously wired components like printers – all for $99.95.

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