A couple of days ago a mysterious “Pottermore” website by J K Rowling was floating about the internet and for some reason the rumors and speculation around it led to a lot of people believing that we would be seeing a Harry Potter smartphone, which is a good example of why you should not buy into rumors. Turns out Pottermore is actually a website set up by J K Rowling and together with Sony the author will be putting up ebooks of the Harry Potter series online for sale along with audiobooks that come in a multitude of languages.

The good news is that it will support a variety of platforms so if you own Amazon’s Kindle you should have no problem downloading and reading the ebook on your device and same goes for Apple iPad users which is great news for those who aren’t fans of DRM (digital restrictions management) who claim it’s intrusive and obstructive. Interestingly the ebooks will also come with a digital watermark that will allow authorities to identify who the ebook belongs to which will help to crack on down possible piracy by allowing the authorities to trace back to whoever leaked the ebooks.

The website will be launched in October with registrations starting on July 31st which is Harry Potter’s birthday. Among the original stories author J K Rowling will also be putting up additional stories from the Harry Potter world, stories which she claimed she has been hoarding all these years. Since tablets and eReaders are starting to gain more popularity this could be a great way for parents to read the Harry Potter stories to their children in a fun and interactive way.

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