Monster, the same company behind the Beats by Dr Dre, Lady Gaga and the Butterfly by Vivienne Tam headphones and in-ear headphones have now unveiled their latest offering which they called the Earth, Wind & Fire Gratitude in-ear headphones. For those who don’t know Earth, Wind & Fire, they’re an American R&B and funk band that got famous in 1971 and produced classic songs such as “September”. 

Much like how each Monster series was designed to enhance a particular quality of music within that genre, for example in Beats by Dr Dre they emphasized on the bass that was a prominent feature in hip-hop and rap, and with Vivienne Tam they designed the headphones to enhance the sound of wind instruments. For the Earth, Wind & Fire Gratitude headphones, Monster has engineered the headphones and tuned it in such a way that would be reproduce the harmonics of a live performance, performances that Earth, Wind & Fire are known for.

The headphones were also designed to rest more comfortably and deeper within your ear which sort of acts as sound isolation, think of it as a private performance of sorts. According to the band themselves the headphones will retail for a whopping $229 although the price has yet to be announced by Monster themselves. If you’re a fan of the iconic band then perhaps these headphones may be what you’re looking for but for the rest out there, we’re sure that for $229 you could get yourself something better.

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