Dutch Coins QR

It looks like our offline world is slowly merging with our online world, it’s either that or QR codes are making a comeback. The Royal Dutch Mint has released two new coins in honor of its building’s 100th anniversary: a silver 5 EUR coin and a gold 10 EUR coin. While the front/head of the coins aren’t anything special (they look pretty cool though) it’s the back that has us interested. The back of the coins feature a QR code that leads people to the Royal Dutch Mint’s website.

While visiting the website does nothing at the moment, the Mint did promise a “surprise” once the money has been made officially available and circulated around the country later this month. No word on what the surprise could be. A lucky draw perhaps? What do you guys think? I foresee a lot more items being decorated with QR codes in the near future.

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