Myriad Alien Dalvik

One of the major obstacles that new platforms have to face in today’s highly competitive smartphone world is the lack of an app ecosystem. No apps available for an operating system would be a deterrent for some people from adopting it – I mean, who would want to use a platform that didn’t have the apps you need in your daily life right?

Well, it looks like this isn’t going to be a problem for MeeGo devices. Myriad Alien Dalvik, which was revealed earlier this year has been confirmed to be arriving on the MeeGo sometime this year according to reports online. No word on how much it’s going to cost developers to use or an exact date of when it’ll be released, but we can’t wait. It looks like users planning on picking up the Nokia N9 won’t have to worry about being app-less. Watch the video demo after the break:

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