Before you start freaking out and thinking, “Why is that person destroying their iPad with that marker pen?!”, relax, because that’s not a marker pen, but rather the Scribbly. The Scribbly is actually a stylus that was created to mimic a marker pen in terms of its design, from the fat grip to the chunky tip, but it won’t actually stain your iPad’s screen with permanent ink, and sadly, neither will it come with the smell of markers that many of us have come to know and love, despite it being bad for health.

Unlike other styluses, the Scribbly feels more “real”, and the fact that it’s shaped like a marker pen makes note taking and scribbling feel more like a relaxed affair. We’re guessing it will have a lot of uses during meetings where brain storming is required, and mind maps can be drawn out the same way that it can be done on a whiteboard. Pair it on a wall mount in your kitchen and you’ve got yourself a dynamic reminder list, or it can even be used to play games, as seen in the video, it makes games like Flight Control look even more fun than it already is. We’re guessing that slicing fruits with the stylus will also prove to be rather entertaining.

As it stands the Scribbly is not available yet, at least according to the website, which says “Coming soon”, but it is priced at 10 GBP, which is about $16 when converted. In the meantime you can enjoy the demo video below.

The Scribbly Marker Pen iPad Stylus from Scribbly Stylus on Vimeo.

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