Stepen Elop

Recently there have been rumors surfacing about Nokia being put up for sale and companies like Microsoft and Samsung expressing interest in owning the company. Well, according to a recent announcement by Stepen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, at the Open Mobile Summit in London those rumors have been baseless and hold no truth. Here’s what he was quoted as saying:

“The simplest answer is this. All of those rumors are baseless.”

Looks like the Finnish mobile giant is here to stay. With its whole Windows Phone roadmap laid ahead of the company and plans only kicking into gear this year, it was hard to believe such a sale would go through anyway. Not to mention, why would Samsung or Microsoft need Nokia under their umbrellas, especially when Microsoft is already in partnership with the company. And it’s not like Nokia is going to be making Bada or Android phones for Samsung.

But like they say, everybody has a price, and who knows what the situation will be like a couple of years down the road. Let’s hope Nokia can pull itself out of the current slump that it’s facing right now.

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