AT&T T-MobileIt sure looks like T-Mobile really wants to be taken over by AT&T. The carrier, together with AT&T has just posted a filing to the FCC, touting the benefits of a merger. The companies cite the benefits that the consumers will get out of the merger as some of the main reasons to why they should be one. Judging from responses to previous posts about the merger, it looks like the public is divided on this one. Some fear for the monopolization the company would have if the merger goes through, while others are looking forward to the benefits the deal could bring.

“As our filing with the FCC today explains, the winners of the proposed merger with AT&T will be consumers, as the extra capacity will enable us to alleviate escalating capacity constraints, increase output, support the next generation of bandwidth-intensive mobile applications, and offer them faster data speeds, extended coverage and fewer dropped calls,” said Tom Sugrue, Senior Vice President, T-Mobile Government Affairs. “We are pleased that the regulatory process is moving forward, and we remain confident that the FCC will weigh all the facts and approve this deal.”

Judging by the statement made by Sugrue, it sure looks like the FCC are leaning towards the approval of the deal rather than denying it. With promises of fewer dropped calls, better in-building and i-home coverage, faster, more consistent and more reliable data services especially during peak hours and more spectrum for AT&T’s LTE network sound like a good idea, but obviously they weren’t going to talk about being able to affect the carrier industry with so much control over its users. I guess we’ll have to wait for the FCC to finally decide. Any predictions on what will happen?

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