When winter comes, you want a nice, hot beverage in your hand, but when summer hits, you want nothing more than a nice, cold drink. Well it looks like Thanko may have the solution for you in the form of their “Hot Cool Box” which supposedly has the ability to keep drinks cold, or heat things up when desired.

It connects to your computer via USB, which means that the “Hot Cool Box” will be right next to you, easy access to that nice, cold can of beer or a hot cup of tea, depending on your mood. There are supposedly two buttons on each side of the “Hot Cool Box”, with one that will activate the cooler function and the other that apparently activates the heater function. Judging by its looks, it will be able to fit a bottle of beer in it, or two stacked cans, or a slim glass.

According to Thanko’s website, the “Hot Cool Box” will be able to bring your drinks down to about 10 degrees or up to 50 degrees Celsius, which isn’t exactly a boiling hot cup of tea, but we’re guessing it should be sufficient. Unfortunately it looks like this device is only available in Japan, which will retail for about $37 after conversion, although you can try your luck at Geek Stuff 4 U.

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