Are you a huge Tron fan? If you are what do you think of this Tron inspired concept phone? Designed by Raul Galindo, the phone tries to keep to its “futuristic” look by only measuring 7mm in thickness, with a 4-inch touch screen display. Granted that the 4-inch display isn’t exactly futuristic (we kind of expected holographic images to pop up), the design is. It’s aptly named the “Tron Phone” as the designer was inspired by the movie, as evident in the light strip around the phone.

As you can tell, the phone seems to be running on iOS, although we’re guessing that’s just a placeholder; who knows what platform will dominate 100 years from now? The rest of the phone isn’t exactly futuristic either as it is supposed to come with front and back cameras powered with xenon flash, stereo speakers and a micro SD slot. The front buttons apparently serve as a menu button, although we would think that a futuristic phone would be fully touch screen at the very least.

In terms of hardware it’s not spectacular, but since it’s a concept we can’t really judge. We have to give Raul Galindo props for such a futuristic looking device however, and perhaps we won’t have to wait a 100 years before we can see something like that hit the market.

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