Third EyeViewdle, a mobile-focused visual analysis company, has launched its first game based on its face recognition technology and augmented reality, called Third Eye. The game allows real-people to become part of a steampunk-style MMORPG about vampires and slayers. The game will be part of a trilogy, with the first part being focused on recruitment and establishing alliances.

What’s special about the game is that players don’t get to choose sides – the game chooses sides for them with the aid of the phone’s camera. The app takes a photograph of a player’s face, reads the player’s faceprint and then assigns them to join either the vampire or slayer faction. Players can go around their city/town, scanning the faces of people around them to identify them as friend or enemy.

The next two parts of the game will be focused on combat and battles, though it wasn’t elaborated on what it would be like. It sounds like it could be a hit game if a lot of players participate in it. Like all MMOs, the more the merrier – it would be a pretty sad game if there were only two vampires and one slayer in the area where you live in. If you’re interested, get a bunch of your friends to try it out – it’s free after all. Third Eye is available on the Android Market.

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